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3 Reasons You Won’t Get Hired

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Written By: Spot On Insurance

Do you want to get hired in the insurance industry? Taylor Teague Jones is the Business Development Director at Questpro, an insurance and risk management staffing company, with extensive experience in commercial insurance and college recruitment. She started her career as a regional recruiter for the University of Kansas – her alma mater. Her journey in the insurance industry began when she worked for a large insurance broker, handling campus and corporate recruitment projects. 

Taylor joins us today to share the best and worst practices when it comes to job interviews. She discusses the importance of knowing not just the company, but also some of their core team members. She describes what her journey was like and how recruitment led her to be part of the insurance industry. Taylor also explains why you should check your own social media presence before submitting a resume.

What you’ll learn:

  • What Taylor’s journey was like and how she became part of the insurance industry.
  • Her career in teaching and her transition to recruiting
  • The type of people she used to recruit and their different educational backgrounds.
  • How to best attract the youth when it comes to opportunities in the industry.
  • The top reasons why an employer would select a candidate.
  • Best practices for those who are going to be interviewed by a recruiter.
  • What you should not do during the interview.
  • How social media affects your hiring chances.
  • The best ways to reach introverts with potential.
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