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My Experience- NAF Academy & Questpro

My name is Alejandra Hernandez, and I’m in the NAF Academy enrolled in the academy of finance. This year I was able to go interview with three different companies at the NAF Internship Expo. The moment I started interviewing, it was really difficult because I was nervous and kept thinking I wasn’t going to get an internship. I really wanted one of these companies to call me. I was lucky enough to get a call from Questpro. My goal this summer was to mainly focus on my internship and all the assignments I was told to do. Questpro has been a great opportunity for me to gain experience in the business world. This internship has changed me in different ways, it has encouraged me, it has taught me more about what marketing really is, it has made me realize what I really want to do in life after I graduate. I have learned so much during these past few weeks, and it is exciting that at my age I’m able to work and know what this company does. I’ve been trained on how to use Bullhorn to make tearsheets, Hootsuite to post on social media, and Adobe Illustrator to create job graphics. I also found relevant articles that could be used to post on our social media. These assignments are interesting and fun to work on. I enjoy working on graphics because I get to design and practice. Another thing is that this internship is really important to me because it can help me later in the future. I’m always motivated to work for this company. I am truly grateful for what this company has done for me not only because I gained experience but because I got to learn information that I never knew or seen before. Being able to be part of this company where I can grow and work with something that really interests me is exciting.

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