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4 Reasons Why Smart Execs Use Recruiters

In literal terms “to recruit” means “to raise or strengthen.”  Professional Recruiters strengthen the organization by raising the talent bar while saving valuable Employee Resources.

It’s a widely known tactical practice that top executives use Third Party Search Consultants i.e. Recruiters and Head Hunters to hedge the competition. In the hands of the right Recruiter, companies save big money and time. But what about the less obvious yet equally impactful BENEFITS to using Recruiters, let’s unveil…  Oh, and if the obvious reasons to use Recruiters escapes you then please visit our resource desk.   


  • Prevent job orders from going stale: Dodging this impact is paramount to attracting top talent and promoting healthy corporate image. How does this happen? One reason is that the hiring authority’s perception of talent is not in line with current market trends. Maybe it’s a department where turnover has been relatively low, yet due to retirement or need to increase production, adding staff is eminent. However, the job market is constantly evolving. It’s no longer the recession, employee preferences change. They’re asking for more flexibility and getting it. Subsequently, certain industries like insurance, that typically set up Regional Hub Offices designed to capitalize on existing talent pools teaming with ample workforce readiness, are finding it harder and harder to leverage this source. Why? Because a number of these pools such as Claims and Underwriting are drying up, causing certain positions to stay open for months. Partnering with the right specialized Recruiting Firm, that recognizes the unique hiring challenges specific to your industry, creates a winning formula to solve many recruitment dilemmas.


  • Avoid Warm Body Syndrome: Ever had a vacancy where the initial sense of urgency was minimal, a need verses want? Recruitment process takes the normal course; engage HR to open the requisition post job then wait. Weeks later a few external candidates surface who could do the job, and even though there was an internal referral who definitely could do the job, you let them slip away because they lacked, WOW. Then, almost overnight, the unexpected resignation occurs. This want is now priority numero uno!  Uh, contingency plan? Just putting any warm body in the job or by following the Golden Rule “always be recruiting,” may not be enough. Efficient and effective hiring authorities know it is essential to develop a strategic relationship with a known industry Recruiter. Then you will already have a robust pipeline from with to choose your WOW.


  • Remove the “Hirethink” Goggles: Applying “Groupthink” premise to Corporate hiring practices, hiring authorities within organizations innately make hiring decisions trying to promote harmony and conformity, yet despite the best intentions to minimize conflict and reach consensus (taking the path of least resistance), these decisions can yield irrational outcomes (bad hires). External Recruiters disrupt this unhealthy phenomenon. How? They’re not wearing corporate goggles. While Recruiters appreciate client-corporate values and should keep at the core of every effective search process, Third Party status frees them from the corporate bias, red tape and politics that can cloud internal search efforts. Enabling Recruiters to help identify then deliver the BEST candidates for your job.


  • Unlock Passive Candidate Access: In the data driven world of lead generators, job boards, virtual RPO’s, and Social Media outlets, why does the demand for niche industry search firms continue to rise? Supply & Demand, absolutely! Another explanation is ACCESS. Savvy Executives know that real time access to resources albeit financial, technological or human is vital to running a healthy productive business. Niche Recruiters generate value by providing access to passive candidates, the “A” players who are busy creating profit for their current company not applying to job boards or responding to countless unvetted “in-mails.” Can’t tell you how many daily conversations (yes, actual telephone conversations) in our office occur between us and passive candidates that begin with… “this opportunity sounds interestingI was emailed about something like this but never responded because…”  What if this candidate could have been your next superstar? What’s the cost of this lost revenue? What’s the exponential value they are adding to your Competitor’s bottom line?

Still convinced your company “always” hires the best?  When in doubt engage a Pro, a    

With over twenty years of Insurance Specific recruiting success, our team of in-house specialized Search Consultants have access to the best, so you can focus on the rest.



“People are not the most important asset.  The right people are.”

Jim Collins

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