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5 Ways to Boost Productivity

Have a Good Routine:

A good daily routine will help you eliminate the unnecessary noise around you. For example, starting each day with a vigorous workout increases endorphins which in turn increases productivity. When you look good, you feel good, and you think even better. Eat a nutritious breakfast each morning to help keep you on task until lunch. Remember, routines aren’t just for the morning. They are just as important and helpful in the evenings too. Have a time where you vow to stop looking at all electronics and unwind. Dedicate time for yourself away from your spouse, kids, and pets.

Say Goodbye to Multi-Tasking:

Work on one project at a time and allow it to have your full attention. The truth is each project is different and requires a unique mindset. Once you get in the groove you should stick with it and finish before moving on to your next task. Bottom line – you have to clear your mind of distractions in order to maximize your productivity. For some that means turning their cell phones off, and for others it means forgetting about social media for a few hours.

Take Mental Breaks:

You need to allow yourself to take short breaks throughout the eight hour work day. Take a five minute walk around your office, go grab your favorite snack, or even watch a quick YouTube video. Taking these quick breaks help increase your attention span and concentration. It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s something that allows you to recharge and return to work feeling refreshed.

Know your Strengths:

The most productive people know themselves inside and out. They know what areas they succeed in and they know when to reach out and ask for help. Understanding your strengths keeps you ahead in a lot of ways. It allows you to push yourself further in those areas, set higher goals, and achieve much more than you ever thought possible. Focusing your time and energy into things that you succeed at increases your self-confidence, enthusiasm, and overall performance. Challenge yourself to learn more about your strengths so you can continue to use them to your advantage.

Reflect and Reward:

Save the last ten minutes of your work day to reflect on the different things you accomplished or may need to work on a bit more. Address any mistakes you made, come up with a solution, and move on. Don’t bring negative feelings into tomorrow. More importantly, take the time to celebrate each little victory. Did you land a new client? Celebrate. Did you write a new blog? Celebrate. Did you help out a co-worker? Celebrate. Being able to recognize your own accomplishments is a great self-motivator. The power of positivity and confidence is not to be ignored.

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