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Why we are breaking up with Glassdoor and

If you’re like me, you can’t afford to be spending endless amounts of time waiting for applications to eventually come in, sorting through hundreds of them, interviewing all of them, and then ultimately hiring them. It’s a very involved process if you do it right. But, at some point, the economics of your search is going to catch up with you. It’s typically when you realize that the time it takes to find and hire a new employee is going to ruin your ability to do your actual job that you start questioning everything.

It’s at this point you wonder to yourself what everyone else is doing to find new talent. There must be a better way, Right? A way that reduces your reliance on your own internal resources and helps you build a stronger talent pipeline.

“Of course!” you say, “Job Postings. I’ll get on Glassdoor, Indeed, or Monster!”

Then you spend months posting positions to Glassdoor,, and indeed, building up a massive applicant list and investing your time pouring through an endless amount of unqualified resumes only to realize the same thing you realized about trying to manage the hiring process all by yourself: it’s going to catch up with you.

This time, you’ve handed over a good chunk of your ad budget to a 3rd party job posting site, and now you don’t even have enough time to properly interview them. So there must be a better way. And trust me, there is. I’m going to show you.

Our Risk Management and Insurance Recruiters!

HR departments typically refer to groups like ours as staffing agencies. Sometimes, they call people in our field all sorts of creepy names like they are trying to trap a bunch of unsuspecting employee-seeking victims. But that isn’t what we do at all. 

There’s no denying that recruitment agencies get some pretty bad press at times, and there’s also no denying that, unfortunately, some of it is entirely deserved. But, unfortunately, some recruiters still play a dirty game and give us all a bad name, and some of us practice hard-sales recruitment practices that don’t help our public image either. 

Our team has created a genuinely people-centric, talent-sourcing engine. We lean on the power of all our experience, both with clients and candidates, to find “right” tactics based on historical data vs. guessing and having to be right with our opinions and subjectivity. The result? Exceptional candidates meeting exceptional clients. We call this engine, Questpro!

Questpro is a staffing agency in the risk management and insurance industry that has built a process that grows your talent pipeline database continuously over time, so you can take ownership over your hiring process and have a continuous stream of qualified applicants.

Where do we start?

Every engagement is unique, but they all start with one thing in common, learning about YOU. Where you started. Where you want to go next. What you value. Who your employees are and why they care about you. The only way to find the right candidate is to understand the role from every angle. Luckily, we’ve got a proven process to quench our insatiable curiosity. 

How will candidates find you?

Our massive network of 500,000+ qualified candidates will fill your interviews with both experienced and up-and-coming talent.

You’ll receive interview recommendations from some of the most seasoned, progressive, and industry-specific recruiters, researchers, and staffing specialists in the industry to discover the highest quality candidates for your biggest hiring challenges. Walk away with a team of qualified talent that is ready to hit the ground running and a robust, strategic staffing partner that will help you build a sustainable pipeline of talent for your company across a broad spectrum of positions.

How do we convert your interviews to employees?

You can’t hire the best candidate for a role unless you explore all possible options. Enter Questpro. We immerse ourselves in the process, learning through observation, interviews, and analysis. Then, when it comes time to sit down and select the top candidates, we’re just as rigorous, testing technical skills and culture fit to ensure we’re on the right path. 

Our approach to great relationships begins with a time-tested process that discovers and addresses the unexpected. Regular team and client check-ins keep things rolling. Then, when the role gets filled, our relationship doesn’t end. We’ll be around for support or to discuss your next big hire. Throw in a 90-day guarantee, and you’re all set.

Some final thoughts:

I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest and have a presence on a wide variety of job posting websites like Indeed or Glassdoor. I’m saying that you should own your hiring process with a partner who can handle the heavy lifting of hiring.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring through job posting websites if you can make the economics work. If you are — good on you! Especially if you’re hiring to get more qualified people into your team!

Nothing I say or write about will make up for inferior service or customer experience, so we invite you to give us a call, get to know us, and make sure the experience is an absolutely rock-solid fit for your company.

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