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Why work in insurance?

This is a question a lot of professionals have been answering these days, trying to attract more people to work for the insurance industry. Companies are increasing their recruitment efforts to combat the drop-off of workers due to aging and retirement. Organizations like Gamma Iota Sigma, The Institutes/My Path and have focused on recruiting at the college level, similar to our own college recruiting division, QGrads. However, these efforts are just reaching young professionals.

What about those already in the work force? Rather than directing my message to college students, like many of these other organizations, I’d like to give you a different perspective. Today I’m speaking to all of those in the working world who want a change. How does someone who has professional working experience enter and excel in the insurance industry? Here’s three entry points for you to consider:

  1. Human Resources- All insurance companies need a strong HR department that really understands each business unit and works closely with each hiring manager. With the push for diversity and inclusion, and the increasing awareness of employee wellness and mental health, insurance is paving the way for big changes in the HR sector. If you are someone who believes in the integrated HR approach, then you have a bright future working in insurance! The opportunity for growth is there for the taking.
  2. Information Technology- This might be obvious, but the insurance industry is slightly behind the curve when it comes to implementing the newest and hottest technologies. However, it’s getting better with the influx of insurtech companies! This need is providing a big opportunity for all tech minded people to step in and steal the show. Any IT professional with programming, data management, software and project development, project management and business analytics experience could be very valuable to insurance companies. Even if you enjoy problem-solving, puzzles, and analyzing, you have serious potential in this industry.
  3. Claims- A claims adjuster works with unhappy people who are calling because something bad happened. Anyone else get upset with their own adjuster from time to time? They get unnecessary frustration directed at them and have to know how to handle it. Not only are they level-headed, bot also they have keen problem-solving skills and understand how to defuse negative situations without making them worse. So, have you been in a similar customer service role where you get to handle unhappy customers? If yes, then you would make a great claims adjuster.

Talented people are needed in every industry, however working in insurance offers them tremendous opportunity. If you are interested in pursuing a new career path, take that chance. You’ll find it to be a great decision!

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