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A Word of Advice from Our QGrads

We reached out to two of our QGrads and asked them questions about their college experience as an RMI major. Tina and Samantha are seniors from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX, and they both gave us answers that not only gave us a look into their lives as students, but also provided great advice for those still in college. These were our questions:

Q: What’s been your favorite class so far, and why?

Samantha: My favorite class has been Student Managed Portfolio! It’s a student led class where we get to manage the school’s endowment by investing in stocks! So we’re dealing with real money (which is really exciting). I am in charge of a sector, so I have to give weekly sector updates and conduct stock screenings to determine if the stocks we have are undervalued or overvalued and what we should keep in our portfolio.

Tina: My favorite class thus far has been Corporate Risk Management. It was during this course that I believe I truly began to understand how to apply risk management as a concept, to a variety of situations/areas of business. It was the assignments in this class that prompted me to conduct extensive research on risk management and insurance.

Q: Any tips for younger students following the RMI track?

Samantha: NETWORK! Put yourself out there. The industry is all about building relationships and connections. It’s never too late to start.

Tina: My advice to students on the RMI track is to conduct as much research as possible in regards to the industry. Networking is much more effective when you have a strong understanding of the industry! Never be afraid to ask questions, particularly of individuals in roles you believe you may have an interest in.

Q: How do you maintain your busy schedule and manage to get everything done? Any time-management tips?

Samantha: I have a physical planner, so I write all of my due dates and to-do lists.

Tina: Time management is nearly always a challenge. As a result I have become better at asking questions and using my resources. Ultimately, refining those skills have helped me complete necessary tasks. I am also sure to tend to my faith life and my relationships with the most important people in my life when I feel particularly overwhelmed.

Q: What type of position are you hoping to land upon graduation?

Samantha: I’m hoping to land an underwriting position upon graduation! *fingers crossed*

Tina: Upon graduation, I am simply looking forward to gaining entrance into the industry I have become passionate about. I am hoping to gain a position that allows me to learn continually.

Q: What is a fun fact about you?

Samantha: I’ve lived in Germany!

Tina: I am obsessed with black and white films!

Thank you for sharing with us your experience on the RMI track and all the helpful tips! We wish you both a wonderful senior year and look forward to finding you both your dream jobs!

                      Tina Valdez                                               Samantha Shelton
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