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Questpro and The Birthday Party Project

Questpro has long been a supporter of The Birthday Party Project and was lucky enough to be able to volunteer at a couple of their June birthday celebrations.

The Birthday Party Project is non-profit organization that partners with homeless and transitional living facilities to throw a monthly birthday party that all the kids and parents get to attend. These parties always have fun themes, arts & crafts, games, decorations, music, cupcakes, goody bags and birthday presents for all the kids celebrating a birthday that month. The Birthday Party Project started over 6 years ago in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has since grown to host parties in 11 other cities including: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington DC and New York City.

Questpro had 2 groups of employees that volunteered their time at a magic themed party held at Center of Hope¬†and a beach bash at Family Gateway. We also provided the birthday gifts for a record-breaking number of June birthdays at Family Gateway. We spent time making sure we had the perfect age-appropriate gift for each birthday kid, wrapped every present, and signed their birthday cards. The parties were such a blast with these amazing kids, and we can’t wait to do it again!

We encourage you to check out their website and learn more:


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