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Questpro’s Reaction to Hurricane Harvey and Irma

As a more junior member of our temporary staffing recruiting team, I had only heard stories of past catastrophe situations and how “fast and furious” they could be. The week of August 21st was moving along normally until we started to catch wind that we had a potentially serious hurricane approaching the Gulf Coast. All the TV’s in our office were tuned to the weather channel as we watched Hurricane Harvey starting to intensify. Our clients would need our assistance, and we needed a game plan.

Harvey hit, and the following weeks were a blur. We started contacting as many claims professionals as possible. Our days were filled with hundreds and hundreds of phone calls and conversations, as we were getting claims adjusters and claims assistants lined up and ready to work. We went to all ends ensuring our clients were taken care of at odd hours of the evenings and into the weekends, and we couldn’t believe our eyes as we watched the damage and devastation unfold for our neighbors in Houston.

Harvey began to dissipate, and things slowly started to return to normal until Hurricane Irma started making her way towards Florida. Our Southeast client base needed us now, and even though we had just staffed our clients from Harvey, they now needed additional help due to impending claims. We were ready – more calls, conversations, adjusters, clients etc. After a few more whirlwind weeks, things leveled out.

Being in the Dallas area, it is hard for me to wrap my head around how scary it must be to prepare to evacuate, ride out the storm, endure hundred-plus mph winds, watch as your city floods, and wonder when and if things will ever be back to the way they once were. Amid the chaos, Questpro gathered and donated a car load of diapers, formula, toiletries, and clothing for the evacuees. We were ready to help however we could, and we did.

I am proud of our Questpro team and how our whole company pulled together to make sure our clients had the claims staff they needed when it mattered most. As a company, we had multiple staff members that were personally affected by the hurricanes, and they didn’t miss a beat. You would have never known that they were working out of hotel rooms or hunkered down in their homes. It was a wild ride, but I hope our efforts helped insureds get back into their homes and cars as quickly as possible.

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