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Is social media hurting your chances of getting hired?

Social media is undoubtedly a powerful resource to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. Just about everyone you know is using it for communication, networking, news and transactions. In the past decade, social media has drastically changed the way we exchange information.

Not only is social media an outlet to keep up with friends and family, but also, it’s a platform for users to learn about possible employers. Companies have utilized social media to share their available opportunities, provide company insight to job seekers, and connect with potential candidates. This allows job seekers the opportunity to do research on the company’s brand, values, vision and culture before making their next move. Whether you’re getting ready to enter your career for the first time or are on the hunt for a new position – chances are – recruiters, hiring managers and employers are researching your social media profiles too. This gives them an idea of who you are outside the standard resume or interview.

Despite what you may think, most employers are sourcing to find reasons to hire you and your social media presence could work to your advantage. They are seeking more information that validates your qualifications for the job. If your social media presence backs up your professional qualifications, exhibits solid communication skills, displays creativity and a professional image; it’s likely to help your chances at getting hired.

While they may not be searching for anything negative, some common mistakes that could cost you a job without ever realizing it include:

–          Talking negatively about your current or future employer

–          Sharing inappropriate content (provocative photos, drinking, drug use, profanity)

–          Posting discriminatory comments pertaining to race, gender, religion

–          Posting extreme political views

–          Sharing confidential information about a current or previous employer

–          Lying about qualifications

–          Lying about an absence

–          Poor grammar and spelling

–          Unprofessional profile photograph

If you’re guilty of doing one of the above, it might be time to clean up those accounts. Now, this does not mean you need to remove your online existence and deactivate your profiles – many business connections are made via social media and could lead to more opportunity.  However, it is important to be mindful the next time you share, post, comment or tweet. Social Media can be a very useful tool and immensely beneficial to your professional career, if used correctly. Double check your accounts today and make the right impression, because you never know where your next opportunity may be



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