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You landed an interview, now what?

You have been applying left and right and finally received the call or email you have been waiting for: an interview! This is the crucial part and the most important piece for job seekers. This is the time to PREP!  Biggest mistake candidates make is not doing their homework. These are the suggestions I give every candidate, so they can nail their interview:

  • Know what you are applying for. Understand the position by reviewing the job description, and if needed, research terminology you are not 100% sure about. Know what your strengths are for that particular position, and don’t forget to communicate these strengths during your interview!
  • Research the company! Visit their website and read the “About Us”. You have to understand exactly what the company does, services it offers and what they stand for! This is beneficial not only for the interview but also for you, to get a better idea if this is the company you want to work for. This will either get you excited about the interview or raise potential concerns you can ask about during the interview. If you have no concerns, aligning yourself with the company’s values and mission statement will set you apart from the rest of the applicants!  
  • Dress appropriately for the interview. You are there to make a positive impression, and subtlety is the key. This especially goes for fragrance (both men and women).
  • Plan out your drive, leave extra early, and don’t be late! If you arrive early do not walk in 30 minutes before your interview! Safe zone is 15-10 minutes early.
  • Take copies of your resume and have questions prepared. You should have all of this organized in a portfolio, to show professionalism and neatness. Refrain from asking about PTO, pay, and yes/no questions.
  • Have confidence!! To help calm the jitters, practice answering basic interview questions with a friend or in front of the mirror! Don’t forget to make eye contact and believe in yourself.  

As a Questpro recruiter, I help candidates all the time during this stage in the hiring process. Number one advice, SELL YOURSELF. We do a lot to be your advocate, but during the interview you have to tell the company why you are the perfect candidate. Back it up with facts and not just fluff words like detailed or multitasker; these are nice to know but facts are even better. Share accomplishments, promotions, and how you contributed to past employers. Have a good understanding of your own work history and know how to explain it. Again, this is the time to PREP! Congratulation, you are one step closer to getting the job of your dreams!

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